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Laser-assisted Dentistry

Advanced Dental Care with Laser-Assisted Dentistry 

There are many ways a soft-tissue dental laser can turn a once feared dental procedure into a positive treatment experience. At All Smiles Dental Care in Orangevale, CA, laser-assisted dentistry is used to maximize both patient comfort and deliver the best results. 

How do Dental Lasers Work?

Laser dentistry uses a concentrated beam of light to perform various functions including dental surgery. Laser-assisted dentistry offers improvements in precision and comfort as well as efficacy and healing. It is particularly useful for focusing on a specific area without damaging healthy, adjacent tissues. 

Unlike traditional surgery, there is little bleeding with dental laser surgery and once completed, doesn’t typically require sutures.

What Procedures Can Benefit from Dental Lasers?

All Smiles Dental Care offers the following laser-assisted dental treatments:

Deep Cleaning – Using a soft-tissue laser to clean below the gum line provides a gentle but superior sterilizing treatment to prevent the advancement of gum disease.
Crown Lengthening – When gums sit high against a tooth that needs restorative care, the dental laser can be used to reshape the soft-tissue and allow the crown, bridge, or veneer to be properly placed.
Cosmetic Gum Contouring – Similar to crown lengthening, here the laser reshapes what is known as a “gummy smile.”
Frenectomies – For babies born with a tight lingual frenulum (tongue-tie) a soft-tissue laser can quickly correct the problem with little to no discomfort.
Biopsy – A small piece of suspicious tissue can easily, and comfortable be removed for further examination by a specialist.

Dental lasers can be used for a variety of preparatory dentistry. Dr. Cao uses this technology to obtain excellent results when placing dental implants and restorations.

Learn More about Laser Dentistry in Orangevale, CA 

Our Orangevale patients who have never been treated with dental lasers before are delighted with both the quality of their dental work and the positivity of their visit. At All Smiles Dental Care, we value your time and are committed to providing comfortable care that makes a significant impact on your total well-being.

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